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This fellow is Body condition but a very interesting piece nonetheless!  This guy is a copy of the original Breyer Western Horse, believed to have been made by Ohio Plastics in the very early 1950s.  He is made of heavy plastic, either cellulose acetate, just like Breyer and early Hartlands, or something very similar.  He has the mane on the left, the rounded tail of Breyer, and diamond-shaped bridle conchoes that only Breyer's earliest pieces had (1950-1951), since they themselves were copied from Hartland's Western Horse.  This interesting fellow is made of pink plastic (!) painted dark brown and accented with metallic bronze.  His breast collar and bridle are metallic gold, copying Breyer and Hartland. The only reference photo I've seen of one of these (Fitch Hartland book) had it attached to a plastic base, but this guy has no screw holes or visible glue, so I believe he was created to be free-standing.  He has holes drilled for reins, but does not have any at this point.  In Nancy Young's book, he is called the "scooper ear" model, as his ears are widest near the top.    Condition-wise, he's very rough.  He has a crack across the top of his tail that extends into his rump on the right side.  Through this you can see the clay-pink plastic.  It's also visible in numerous rubs.  He has been speckled with white and teal paint.  It may come off, but that bronze paint appears very fragile, so be gentle if you try.  The saddle he comes with appears to be original to him.  Unlike the horse, the saddle is more lightweight and flexible than early Breyer saddles and has no cinch.  It is in Near Mint condition with a spot of white paint on its left stirrup and a black string tied just above the right stirrup, which may have once held an original tag.   He is a really neat guy despite his condition, and is a fascinating (and a bit mysterious) piece of model horse history from the early 1950s.


Size:  Approx Traditional Size 1:9 scale

Model #unknown

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