Western Horse, Palomino

Western Horse, Palomino


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Breyer's Western Horse was produced in palomino for longer than any other release on any mold.  This icon of model horse collecting was made from 1951-1991.  During that time, there were changes to his bridle, reins, and saddle, as well as numerous color variations, making him a fun model to collect.

This guy is Near Mint with a tiny rub on his right shoulder (most likely from his saddle), tiny eartip rubs and tiny hoof edge rubs.  He features a speckly paint job with most of his gold tack accents intact, lots of body-color shading in his mane and tail, nostril shading, inner ear shading, and ear pits.  He comes with his original slip-on saddle and chain reins that are still nice and shiny!  USA mark. 



Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #57

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