Western Horse, Palomino - Dark Version, pre-1970


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Breyer's Western Horse was produced in palomino for longer than any other release on any mold.  This icon of model horse collecting was made from 1951-1991.  During that time, there were changes to his bridle, reins, and saddle, as well as numerous color variations, making him a fun model to collect.

He is in Excellent condition with just eartip and hoof edge rubs, along with a pinpoint rub here or there and is missing the tip of his left tapadero.  He has a few tiny marks and residue from tape on his barrel - All should clean off.  His dark body color makes him a real stand-out, with a lighter barrel and darker quarters, and his equally dark eyes and hooves fit him perfectly.  We must have gotten distracted by his pretty color, because we forgot to take a right-side photo, but he is exactly as advertised.


Color:   Very dark color, more of a flaxen-maned sorrel, dark charcoal grey hooves and eyes.
Finish:  Semi-gloss
Reins:   O-link
Saddle: Low-rivet snap-cinch, milk chocolate-colored
Mold Mark:  None



Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #57