Western Horse, Palomino - Early Basecoat Chalky

Western Horse, Palomino - Early Basecoat Chalky


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Breyer's Western Horse was produced in palomino for longer than any other release on any mold.  This icon of model horse collecting was made from 1951-1991.  During that time, there were changes to his bridle, reins, and saddle, as well as numerous color variations, making him a fun model to collect.

This fellow is a basecoat chalky.  He's much earlier than most chalkies, being produced probably in 1950-1953 as seen by his original style O-link reins.  Not a lot is known about early basecoat models... They could have been painted to cover up factory paint errors or in some cases (like with the 1964 decorator models) to cover up colors that didn't sell so they could be repainted into a different color.  Even Nancy Young, in her excellently researched book, wasn't able to find any definitive information about these early basecoat models.

He is in Very Good condition with a split at the base of his tail, a small rub on his right hindquarter and hip, plus a scattering of tiny and point rubs and marks.  At around 70 years old, with a fragile chalky finish, he's pretty amazing.  He is the very model pictured first on IDYB's Western Horse variations page for #57, except that the mismatched saddle has been replaced with one authentic to his time period.  He now wears a dark brown, high-rivet saddle with gold-touched accents.  It features cinch straps that are folded over the rivets and factory glued there, to prevent scratching him.  He wears no mold mark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #57

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