Western Horse, Palomino Pinto - Black Eyes, Silver-Trimmed Saddle


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Breyer's Western Horse was available in palomino pinto only from 1954-1966.  Being so long retired, finding one in good condition for your collection can be a challenge.  He wears rounded white pinto markings in the same pattern that he shares with the black pinto release, four socks, white mane, sorrel tail with a white tip, and airbrushed bald face.  They saw some changes during their run, mainly to their saddles, which went from high-rivet snap saddles to low-rivet snap saddles during their time.  When a saddle is present, it can help date the model.

This guy is in Very Good condition with no breaks, chips, or splits.  He has ear edge and hoof edge rubs, and quite a few dirty marks, mostly on his right side.  I think a bath would do him a world of good!  He features a red-brown snap-on saddle that shows remnants of silver accents.  There are black marks on the tapederos.   In the 30+ models we received in this group, he is the only one with silver trim!  It is a known variation, but most have gold trim.


Color:   Light golden palomino color, black eyes, shaded inner ears.
Finish:  High semi-gloss or glossy
Reins:   Bracelet-link
Saddle: Red-brown color with silver accents.  Low-rivet snap saddle (1955-1966)


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #56