Western Horse, Palomino w/ Plastic Front Platform Box


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Breyer's Western Horse was produced in palomino for longer than any other release on any mold.  This icon of model horse collecting was made from 1951-1991.  During that time, there were changes to his bridle, reins, and saddle, as well as numerous color variations, making him a fun model to collect.

This guy is still attached to his original box.  This is one of the older yellow plastic-front boxes with a raised floor (aka platform).  His reins were hung over his saddle, both on the same side of his neck, and since he has never been opened, we're leaving them that way.


Color:   Bright butterscotch color with flaxen shading in his mane and tail, black eyes.
Finish:  Matte
Reins:   Bracelet-link
Saddle: Slip-On saddle with light tan shading
Mold Mark:  Didn't open box to check.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #57