Western Horse ~ Trigger


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One of the most famous and recognizable horses in history, Trigger was known as "the smartest horse in the movies."  He was Roy Rogers' constant companion in life as well as in movies, for as long as he was able to safely travel and perform. Trigger not only starred in movies and the Roy Rogers Show on tv, he even had his own comic book series.  He sired some beautiful horses, including Trigger Jr., who played Trigger in later movies after his dad had retired.  When he passed away, Roy had him respectfully mounted so he could still visit with fans, and Roy himself mentioned more than once that he wished he could be mounted when he died, so he could join Trigger at their museum. 

Roy Rogers and Trigger

Breyer's portrait model of this famous American Saddlebred was made from 2000-2006 as part of their Hollywood Horses series. 

This fellow is Factory Mint with some black specks on edge of right ear.  He comes with slip-on saddle, black chain reins, and original box (no VHS tape).


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #758