Western Pleasure Horse ~ Kola III - Signed, w/ Box - 200 Made

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GaWaNi Pony Boy's horse Kola became the subject of a special series of models by Peter Stone in 1998.  He is a bay pinto with a stripe and four stockings.  He was made in three war paint versions:  Versions One and Two were made available singly to the public, while the third one was to be sold by GaWaNi Pony Boy only.  5000 were made of Kola I, 500 were made of Kola II, and only 200 were made of Kola III... 50 of which were donated to horse benefit auctions and 150 were sold by Pony Boy directly.  Therefore, there can be no more than 200 complete sets in the world, and chances are, that number is significantly lower now, over 20 years after production.

These three were purchased by a man who was a big fan of Pony Boy.  He purchased Kola III directly from Pony Boy at a horse event in Ocala, Florida. 

He is Near Mint with one tiny and one pinpoint eartip rub.  That's it!  He features the lightest coat color of the three, with beautiful face shading and a dorsal stripe.  He wears black dots on his shoulders, black stripes on his right hindquarter, and a black circle around his left eye.  He was signed by GaWaNi Pony Boy and numbered as 072/200.  He has been kept bubble wrapped in his original box since purchase, and comes with his original box with its hang tag and photo of Pony Boy with Kola, with the model's release number marked with a small red dot, his bubble wrap and original 1998 box brochure.

Photos of the box stickers from this set have been sent to stonehorseref.com as reference for the model numbers, which were not previously known on that site.  Just think - Fewer than 200 complete sets exist... and how many of them come complete with all their original packaging? (Apparently not many, if no one ever got model #s to Barb at stonehorseref.com!)  Finding a Kola III for sale is rare, indeed.

[Photo of complete set is included for reference.  Other models, while available, are for sale separately.]


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #s: 9641