Western Pleasure Horse, Sorrel - Variation?

Peter Stone

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One of Peter Stone's early regular runs was this red chestnut / sorrel Western Pleasure Horse.  We've all known at least one horse that he reminds us of.  He wears one hind sock and a solid face.  He was made from 1996-1998.

This fellow is in Very Good condition with no breaks, chips or splits.  He has a variety of tiny rubs and some marks.  He has grey eyes instead of black and faint muzzle shading.  I can't say if this is a one-off or a small part of the production run, as it's not mentioned on stonehorseref.com and all the ones we see online have dark muzzles and black eyes with grey shading around them.  It "appears" as thought he didn't get the final black accents added.  His eyes did get glossed, though, so the painters must have considered him finished.


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #:9620