Western Pleasure Saddle & Bridle with Hearts - Traditional-Size

Western Pleasure Saddle & Bridle with Hearts - Traditional-Size

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This is a one-of-a-kind, high-quality Western tack set designed for showing up through the highest levels of competition.  Heather's newest set features her signature style and attention to detail.  It includes saddle, bridle, second pair of reins, breast collar, and removable rear cinch.

Saddle is black leather with silver buckles and accents, embossed "stitching," solid tree, royal blue suede seat, stirrup pads and keepers, adjustable and cinch.  It also comes with a removable, adjustable rear cinch.  It is decorated with her signature cutout style, featuring tiny shapes cut out of the leather with colored accents behind them.  For this beautiful set, she has used heart-shaped cutouts with glittery royal blue accents.  Absolutely beautiful, and a show-stopper!

Breast collar features matching blue heart decoration, embossed stitch-lines and is shaped to fit naturally on your horse.

Bridle includes dual adjustable cheekstraps with embossed buckles, cast metal bit, and even an adjustable curb strap.   It even features matching sparkling blue hearts just above the bit on each cheek strap and across the browband.  It comes with matching gaming reins attached to the bit by clips... and ALSO comes with black leather reins so you can swap them out for use in lots of different Western classes.

The details on this set are incredible - The closer you look, the more you're rewarded.  Stitching lines and embossed silvertone bling make photos of this set look exactly like the real thing.  The cast metal bit is also embossed with designs and attaches well to each side of the horse's mouth with wax (not included).  The leather has been scived thin to scale with Traditional size horses.  The artist has even added a tiny blue heart on the side of each stirrup!

You will wow your friends and the judges alike with this incredibly beautiful set.  It was handcrafted in New Hampshire, USA.  The artisan only makes one set at a time and can take 3 or more months to complete each, because of the level of detail that goes into her work.

Please note:  This set is NOT for play.  Very thin leather and tiny buckles are for model horse show competitions and will need to be handled with extreme care.  Hemostats or curved, needle-nose jewelry pliers are recommended for adjusting tiny buckles.  Please remove tack from your horse after use, as all dyes and inks used for all model horse tack can leech into models and cause stains.  Always display your models naked.  We sell Breyer wooden saddle stands like the one pictured if you'd like to display the tack near your favorite model.


Horse, saddle blanket and saddle stand are not included.


Size:  Traditional riding horse size

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