Western Pleasure Saddle by Kathleen Bond + Matching Bridle (Classic Size)

Western Pleasure Saddle by Kathleen Bond + Matching Bridle (Classic Size)

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This is a beautiful, show-quality, Classic-sized set with a saddle made by well-known tack maker Kathleen Bond (bridle by unknown artist).  Saddle features waffle-pattern tooling with smaller-pattern edging.  A shaped suede seat, laced rear skirts, leather-covered horn, and other decorative features make it a set you want to keep looking at.  Our favorite part, though, is the rope cinch, which is delightfully realistic, right down to the woven ends and center, with buckle ends.  It comes with a matching, simple bosal bridle that has a cord bosal and rubber reins (for easy positioning in hands), and a patterned woven saddle pad with additional blue felt pad underneath.   



Please note:  This set is NOT for play.  Very thin leather and tiny buckles are for model horse show competitions and will need to be handled with extreme care.  Hemostats or curved, needle-nose jewelry pliers are recommended for adjusting tiny buckles.  Please remove tack from your horse after use, as all dyes and inks used for all model horse tack can leech into models and cause stains.  Always display your models naked.  We sell Breyer wooden saddle stands like the one pictured if you'd like to display the tack near your favorite model. 

Horse and saddle stand are not included.


Size:  Classic riding horse size

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