Western Pony, Palomino with Snap Saddle

Western Pony, Palomino with Snap Saddle


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The handsome little Western Pony was one of Breyer's earliest creations, and this palomino release was only produced from 1956-1973.  Many of them are more of a caramel chestnut than palomino, and all wear four airbrushed socks and an airbrushed bald face.  Some wear a grey-shaded forelock like their big brothers.

This fellow is in  Excellent condition with tiny eartip rubs, a tiny mark on his left elbow, some tiny rubs in the grey shading on his pasterns and coronets, and a somewhat dingy look on areas of his back and barrel that weren't protected by his saddle.  The underside of his feet are the same light tan plastic as his face, mane and tail, so even though he's the chestnut version of the palomino, at least some of this tint is age-yellowing.  I recommend sunbathing him to see if he lightens - He's a really pretty boy and that could make him even prettier.  He's a lovely old fellow with pale gold eyes, grey nostril and ear shading, and nearly all of his molded-on tack's paint is still intact.  He comes with his original reins and the earliest style of snap-cinch saddle, with high rivets and long, straight stirrup fenders.  The ends of the cinch straps are folded down and glued to protect the horse from the rivets.  He comes from Eleda's personal collection, so he has been in a non-smoking home for at least thirty years.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #43

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