Wixom ~ Autumn Shimmer w/Bio Card

Wixom ~ Autumn Shimmer w/Bio Card


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Autumn Shimmer is a beautiful dark bay pinto Spotted Draft Horse on the Wixom mold.  She was a Collector's Choice model in 2006, and was produced for only six months, from July to December of that year.  She wears a masked blaze and a glossy finish.

This pretty mare is in Excellent condition with a few pinpoint white paint specks that may clean off, a few pinpoint rubs, some dull spots in her finish, and mild yellowing, which you can correct with a few days of sunbathing.  She features pretty body shading and hairline edges to her face and shoulder markings.  She will come with a pretty black halter with a shiny blue browband and noseband and black lead.  It arrived with her and looks beautiful on her, so it stays with her as a little bonus.  (It will be bagged separately for traveling.)  She even comes with the bio card from the back of her box.  Like all on this mold, she's a little tippy, so we recommend Museum Putty or a Horse Safety Rack to keep him safely upright. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1267

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