Working Cow Horse ~ Paint Me A Pepto

Working Cow Horse ~ Paint Me A Pepto


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The Working Cow Horse, sometimes called Bobbi-Jo after her initial release, is absolutely stunning as a portrait of Cutting Horse champion Paint Me A Pepto.  Known around the barn as "Deja," Paint Me A Pepto is a black tobiano Paint mare who has been showing the boys how it's done.  She has held multiple championship titles, and is now raising a new generation of spectacular working cow horses.

Paint Me A Pepto "Deja" - Credit Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
[Paint Me A Pepto "Deja" - Photo credit: Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo]


Breyer's portrait model not only shows Deja's gorgeous body markings, but includes her incredible leg markings as well!  As the first regular run release on this mold, she's proving to be super popular, and we wouldn't be surprised if Breyer runs out of these like they did Phoenix a couple years ago. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1776