Your Horse Source Brochure 1989-1990


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This is a neat piece of ephemera:  A Your Horse Source catalog from 1989-1990.  Your Horse Source was one of the most popular mail order dealers for Breyer models during that period, and often scored unique SRs from Breyer.  If you used to order from them, this brochure will bring back great memories, and be a wonderful addition to your collection.  I'm guessing not a lot of these were kept back then, since most people would have kept the Breyer box brochures instead.  It's a shame, because they layout of this brochure, and photos, are really good!

We rate this piece Excellent with some lines on the front and of course the seal has been broken so it could be read.  It has the recipient's address label on the back.


Size:  We didn't measure it, but it's larger than a Breyer box brochure, probably around 4" x 6".