Adios ~ Hollywood Gold

Adios ~ Hollywood Gold


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Hollywood Gold was a stand-out in many ways.  Most noticeably, this incredible Quarter Horse stallion was a dunalino, registered as dun, but with a light mane and tail.  He was also know for his wonderful disposition, rugged build, cow sense, and ability to pass these traits (minus the color) on to his offspring.  HG sired 263 registered foals and is still prominent in the pedigrees of many Quarter Horses today.

[Hollywood Gold; photo source:]


Breyer chose the perfect mold for his portrait model with Adios.  He shows off the stallion's unusual, beautiful coloring and shading.  The portrait model was only released through QH Outfitters in 2000, and only 2500 were made, making this one of the hardest releases to find on this popular mold.

This fellow is Near Mint with only pinpoint eartip rubs.  He has a few specks in his finish as always.  He features softly shaded leg joints and face, with both grey and palomino shading in his mane and tail and a soft dorsal stripe.  He even comes with his gold foil sticker from the front of his box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #701799

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