American Saddlebred, Black (from Horspital set)

American Saddlebred, Black (from Horspital set)


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This little cutie was only sold as part of the Horspital Set from 2001-2005.  He wears a black coat with four socks over buff feet and a little chocolate chip-shaped star.

This lady is in Very Good condition without a rub or mark seen, just strong yellowing in her socks. She needs a patient owner with a sunny place to set her for a few weeks, turning her around every few days, so she can brighten back up and be beautiful again. She comes with her original white linen blanket with red trim and a red bow on the front, which is a really hard to find accessory these days... So much so, that you might consider you're buying the blanket and getting the mare free!


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5309

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