Andalusian Stallion Unicorn - JC Penney SR

Andalusian Stallion Unicorn - JC Penney SR


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This magnificent unicorn on the Andalusian Stallion mold was a holiday Special Run only available through JC Penney in 2011.  He features a magically pearly coat with lavender-silver shading, dapples, and a silver-spiraled horn.

This fellow is rated Excellent to Near Mint with only a few tiny hoof edge rubs.  He has a bent right eartip (just a tiny bit) and moderate age yellowing.  He needs someone to sunbathe him for a couple of weeks and he'll be incredible.  He features pretty dappling, lovely leg and tail shading, and a pretty lavender pearlescent interference paint that gives him a shimmer.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #

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