Arabian - Original ~ Newsprint w/ Original Halter

Arabian - Original ~ Newsprint w/ Original Halter

Stone Horses

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Lauri Jo Jensen created another beautiful release in Newsprint, a dark dapple grey on Stone's Arabian mold.  With a shaded body and resist dapples to make each unique, this guy was an Equilith SR in 2001.  Only 300 were made, and each came with a beautiful red and gold Arabian halter and lead.

This fellow is Near Mint, marked down only for slight yellowing, which should brighten right back up if you sunbathe him for a few days. He has two tiny dots of clearcoat on his chest between his front legs, where it pooled while drying, invisible unless you turn him over, and a small area under his tail where it looks like the resist material didn't get washed off, so no paint stuck there and now it has dried to a yellowish color.  A good wash with soap and water will probably remove it.  He sports big, bold dapples in the vintage Breyer style, with black points and a shaded face.  He even comes with his original halter that Stone made for this run.  It is red and gold, with shiny tassels and gold cord accents.  Wow!


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

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