Arabian Stallion, Red Dun - JC Penney SR

Arabian Stallion, Red Dun - JC Penney SR


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This striking color on the Arabian Stallion was only produced for the JC Penney holiday catalog in 1997.  He might also be called rose grey... It's one of those colors that, while pretty, is hard to categorize.  He wears a light, warm color with lots of highlights.  Over this is subtle grey shading, including an airbrushed grey dorsal stripe, mane, tail, knees and hocks with four socks.

This fellow is Near Mint with just one grey speck on his left gaskin, possibly a bit of mane paint. He also shows mild yellowing, which you can correct by sunbathing him for a few days. He is an odd color, but has a lot of depth and almost appears to glow as his highlights poke through the rosy shading.  He sports a faint grey dorsal stripe, and even still wears his gold foil Made In China sticker.


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