Balking Mule, Chestnut - BHR SR Only 400 Made

Balking Mule, Chestnut - BHR SR Only 400 Made


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 The Balking Mule is an iconic Chris Hess mold.  The expressive Mule has long been sought-after by collectors as a whimsical addition to their collections.  This is one of Black Horse Ranch's very limited production Special Run models.  In 1994, they offered the Balking Mule in six colors, with only 400 of each produced.  This is the realistic chestnut.   She's done in a soft caramel color with a darker mane and lighter tail, and a well-painted halter featuring gold fittings.

She is Near Mint, with only mild yellowing that you can reverse with a few days of sunbathing, and one tiny rub on her right hindquarter with a black speck in it, like there was a speck of bridle paint there and someone tried to take it off, resulting in the missing paint.  She features a speckly paint job with soft highlights, lighter lower legs, and the best eyes:  They're softly airbrushed, so the body color sows around the pupil area, under the gloss, making her look like she has realistic, bi-colored eyes.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #410894 (chestnut)

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