Balking Mule, Leopard Appaloosa - BHR, Only 400 Made

Balking Mule, Leopard Appaloosa - BHR, Only 400 Made


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The Balking Mule is an iconic Chris Hess mold.  The expressive Mule has long been sought-after by collectors as a whimsical addition to their collections.  This is one of Black Horse Ranch's very limited production Special Run models.  In 1994, they offered the Balking Mule in four colors, with only 400 of each produced.  This is the black Leopard Appaloosa, with black mane, tail, points and hooves.  She features a black bridle with gold buckles and soft grey muzzle and ear shading.

This gal is Near Mint, marked down only for a few pinpoint muzzle rubs that you have to look closely to see.  She has very slight yellowing - I'm not sure I'd even bother sunbathing her at this point it's so slight.  She features lots of tiny Appy spots, inner ear and muzzle shading, and unpainted eye whites.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #410894 (Leopard App)

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