Bristol ~ Queen of Hearts - Breyerfest 2021 - Glossy

Bristol ~ Queen of Hearts - Breyerfest 2021 - Glossy


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You've never seen a horse quite like Queen of Hearts!  Known as Josey around the barn, this 2002 Dutch Warmblood Mare can't help but turn heads everywhere she goes.  Josey is a chimera, and sports white markings that look like stripes (reverse brindle).  These cool markings are only on her left side - Her right side is solid bay.


[Queen of Hearts with Gabriella Savetierre aboard. Photo credit]


Josey was aptly chosen for a portrait model for Breyerfest 2021, which was themed "Horse of a Different Color."  Since she's a hunter-jumper, the lovely Bristol mold carries her incredible color.  Her model was only available at the virtual event. Only 3500 were made in matte for immediate shipment, while 1840 were made in glossy for delivery at the end of the year.

This sweet mare is the beautiful glossy version.  She is Factory Mint with some dust specks in her gloss as always.  She also has a factory "almost missed-spot" that's lightly painted on her right shoulder, very tiny but visible, and a white speck of dust in the gloss on her right muzzle that shows like a white freckle.  She features lovely shading and realistically speckly brindle markings.  She comes with her original base.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711479

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