Cow ~ Diwali - Breyerfest SR

Cow ~ Diwali - Breyerfest SR


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Diwali is a beautiful white cow with buff horns, dark tail tuft, and a shaded muzzle.   She is named for the Festival of Light celebrated in India and many other countries.  During Diwali in India, cows, which are revered, are decorated with gold leaf, body paint, flowers, bells, etc., and treated with great respect.  In Hindu culture, the earth took the form of a cow, and cows are symbols of motherhood, since they provide nurturing milk.  Breyer's Diwali was only available as a Special Run at Breyerfest 2017.  Only 750 were made.  She originally came with a red satin neck ribbon adorned with a bell and a red and gold blanket.

She is Factory Mint with bright, painted whites and a beautiful gloss-coat.  She comes with her original red-and-gold blanket and matching bell, both still factory packaged!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711256

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