Exmoor Pony ~ Original Release - Only 30 Made!

Exmoor Pony ~ Original Release - Only 30 Made!


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Copperfox created this sculpt to represent the amazing Exmoor pony breed, which has unique conformation traits to help them survive in the harsh climate of Britain's moors in winter:  They have heavy, hooded eyelids to protect their eyes from the cold, thick tails to protect them from the wind, and of course, primitive coloring, and rugged little bodies with plenty of mischievous attitude.  She is sculpted as a pregnant mare, something we almost never see in the model horse world.

This release was the debut of the mold, from a sculpt by Harriet Knibbs named Dunkery Belle.  She, along with two other pony molds, were offered for presale using the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, to help get the company off the ground.  For a certain donation, you could choose one of the three molds, or for more, you could reserve all three.  Each of the three initial Kickstarter releases were made in dappled buckskin.  Since the company was brand new, and the factory wasn't experienced in what everyone was looking for, the initial runs showed a lot of variation, not only in color, but in painting technique, as they learned how to produce models.  The Exmoor was the smallest run of the three initial molds.  Only 30 were made!

This sweet girl is Factory Mint and a beautiful example of this very rare, inaugural release. She features sooty shading and tiny, lighter dapples. She even has coronet band and hoof shading.  She comes with her original COA, hand-signed by the company's owner, along with an additional information card that tells the story of Dunkery Belle.


Model #CF507

Model Size:  Traditional, Approx. 12" Long, 9" tall

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