Family Arabian Mare ~ Pride -Alabaster, Matte

Family Arabian Mare ~ Pride -Alabaster, Matte


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The pretty Family Arabian Mare was made in matte alabaster from 1961-1973, the same time she was also made in glossy.  The matte version is more realistic, since white horses generally don't shine like darker ones.  She wears a white coat, grey mane and tail, and sometimes, inner ear and muzzle pinking or shading.  This pretty girl has a grey-shaded muzzle and ears.

This mare is Near Mint but with factory flaws.  She only shows a few tiny hoof edge rubs and slight age yellowing, which you can reverse by sunbathing her for a while.  Here's where she gets unique:  She has a 1/2" line of plastic goober on top of her rump that didn't get sanded off, and she has so much grey overspray that she could be shown as a flea-bitten grey!  She has grey speckles over most of her body from a spluttery airbrush while her mane and tail were painted.   It's kind of a neat look, and brings us back to that day in the factory decades ago.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #8

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