Family Arabian Stallion ~ Fleck, Grey Appaloosa - Glossy

Family Arabian Stallion ~ Fleck, Grey Appaloosa - Glossy


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The Family Arabians have had such a history!  This is one of the earliest releases, the grey Appaloosa Stallion named Fleck.  While Fleck was made from 1960-1971 in different variations, this is the oldest of them all.  This model is the glossy "belly band" version (indicating that instead of a blanket over his hips, his white area is around his belly).

This fellow is Near Mint with only two tiny rubs seen: one on his left barrel and one on his left hindquarter. (Other white areas in the photos are reflections from his glossy finish.) He shows mild yellowing from age. He's a beautiful example of this release, with tons of spots of all sizes, unpainted eye whites, and grey nostril shading.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #37

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