Iberian ~ Sjoerd, Champion Friesian Stallion

Iberian ~ Sjoerd, Champion Friesian Stallion


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Sjoerd is the #1 ranked Friesian Stallion in the USA, with 74 World Championships.  He has won a World Champion title in every discipline the was eligible to compete in (all while being ridden by youths and amateurs!), and was the first Friesian ever to be named the US Equestrian Federation's Horse of the Year.  His owner Xena posted this on Facebook regarding the fact that she chose a mold without feathers to represent him:  "...Yes, I chose no feathers, I'll explain more later. Sjoerd has never been defined by his hair & I took a lot of intentional actions during his show career to make sure Sjoerd's hair was *not in the top 10 things a judge noticed about him. I body shaved him, shaved down his feathers as well as other things. The no feathers also represents Sjoerd in his recovery process where I shaved his feathers every 2 wks during Sjoerd's rehab & recovery. I shave them off still so the farrier can see his hooves better while we're treating him for the laminitis. The no feathers represents a lot to me as it's part of Sjoerd's survival story. Sjoerd is so outstanding & unique, this very non-traditional Friesian model look, is just so like Sjoerd, the very not traditional Friesian stallion."

Sjoerd Friesian photo courtesy Breyer
[Sjoerd; photo courtesy Breyer]

The Iberian works well for him...  His human made a great choice for his portrait model. He is solid black, of course, with Sjoerd's long mane and tail, and a satin finish that brings him to life.  He joined the line in 2022.

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Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #1859

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