JAH Special Edition Stablemate Gift Set-First Release of G2 SMs

JAH Special Edition Stablemate Gift Set-First Release of G2 SMs


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1998 was an exciting year for Breyer collectors, as it came with this introduction of a whole new set of twelve Stablemate molds - the first new ones since the scale was introduced in 1975.  They made the introduction in grand style, with this limited edition release of the full set of new molds in colors exclusive to this set.  Only 5000 sets were made, available only to "Just About Horses" magazine subscribers, and each set was numbered.

We are extremely fortunate to be able to offer this set.  All of the models have been stored in their original presentation box since purchase, and the set comes not only with its box, foam insert and Certificate of Authenticity, but even with its original shipping box!   The only models that have any post-production issues are the Shetland, who received a few light box rubs on his right rump, hip and shoulder, all of which only affect the shading layer, and the Pacer, who has a slightly bent-forward front leg, which will be easy to correct with a warm hair dryer.   The rest are Factory Mint.  That said, Breyer was experimenting with new painting techniques on these first-issue molds, so all of them have some of the usual paint flaws: masking slips, masking drags, overspray, pinpoint missed spots, etc., and a couple of them required a prop to stand securely -  You'll see which ones in our photos.  Nothing unusual.  The Andalusian has one pinpoint speck of white paint on his rump, for example.  The set is #2633 / 5000.  This is a beautiful set, and hard to find complete these days!  We'd like to sell them as a set to someone who plans to keep the set together, but if they don't sell after a period of time, we'll begin listing them separately, so don't wait if you'd like to get a full set.  


Set includes the first release on each of these molds:


  • Warmblood, Black Pinto
  • Paso Fino, Dun
  • Rearing Arabian, Chestnut
  • Andalusian, Dapple Grey
  • Thoroughbred, Grey
  • Shetland Pony, Dappled Chocolate Palomino
  • Clydesdale, Grey Pinto
  • Mule, Red Dun
  • American Saddlebred, Black
  • Morgan, Red Bay
  • Appaloosa, Black Leopard
  • Pacer, Dark Chestnut


 What an incredible opportunity to get the premiere release for each of these molds still in its presentation case!


Size:  Stablemates

Breyer Model #790798

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