Just About Horses Magazine Vol. 35, No. 1, 2008 Jan/Feb

Just About Horses Magazine Vol. 35, No. 1, 2008 Jan/Feb


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Read up on your favorite models, the horses that inspired them, and other hobby information.  Most is just as relevant and interesting today as the day it was published!

This issue features:

  • Horses in American Indian Culture: An Unparalleled Partnership
  • Fox Valley Oliver
  • 2008 Tour Stops
  • New Traditional Accessories
  • The Saddle Club
  • Silverado - Connoisseur Series
  • The Artist's Sketch: Claire Williams
  • Model Horse Show: How Do You Spell Fun on Horseback? G-y-m-k-h-a-n-a!
  • Mini-Mayhem Makes a Mighty Stir
  • Winner's Circle: Jennifer Al-Beik, Elizabeth Romano, Barrie Getz, Bob Aiken
  • New Stablemates Play Sets
  • Model Horspital: Itching to Fix That Scratch? Here's How!
  • Tack Time: Making a Hunt Seat Bridle
  • 2008 Spring Collectors Choice: Cheveyo
  • Fireside Book Reviews: Annie: The Mysterious Morgan Horse, by Ellen F. Feld and More Old Friends by Barbara D. Livingston
  • Breyer UK Tour Event
  • Vintage Point: Strapless
  • On the Trail with Breyer


[Triple Mountain stock images used.  Issue info courtesy of identifyyourbreyer.com]

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