Marwari, Liver Chestnut Sabino

Marwari, Liver Chestnut Sabino


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Sculpted by Egidija Guobyte of Horraw Studios, the same artist that created WIA's popular Arabian Mare, the Marwari is in a dynamic pose, which could be used as spooking, fighting, or in costume.   This is the liver chestnut sabino, with four stockings and a bald face.  Check out those eyes!  He joined the WIA line in June, 2023.

These are new inventory, straight from the manufacturer to our store.  [Final photo showing him with his dominant-white brother is for reference only.  White version is available separately here while they last.]

If we sell out, don't worry, more are on the way!  Once we sell out, we'll mark this as a preorder item again and the next round should arrive in 3-4 weeks. 


Size:  1:18 scale, similar in size to CollectA and Schleich

Model #EG-10002

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