Mustang, Sooty Dun - Jamboree SR, Only 400 Made

Mustang, Sooty Dun - Jamboree SR, Only 400 Made


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This Hartland sooty dun Mustang was only made for the West Coast Model Horse Collectors Jamboree in 1993.  You had to be a ticket holder to purchase one.  He sports a pale dun coat with sooty shading and solid legs.  Only 400 were made.

He is in Very Good to Excellent condition (not unusual on Hartland paint quality from that era).  He has lots of hairline scratches and tiny rubs, with a few small rubs on his right side.  The paint on these was known to be extraordinarily fragile, having not bonded well with the plastic.  It sometimes came off even when well wrapped and carefully handled, so given that, he's in much better condition than we'd expect most of them to be thirty years after production.  Between condition and scarcity, he's definitely a great piece for any collector!


Size:  9" Series (Hartland designation; not actual height)

Hartland Model #886-03B

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