Racehorse ~ Phantom - JAH SR w/ COA

Racehorse ~ Phantom - JAH SR w/ COA


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The often overlooked Race Horse model was honored with a JAH Subscriber-Only Special Run in 1997 as the dapple grey Phantom.  She wears resist dapples on her shaded grey body, four socks and an airbrushed bald face with a molded-on, black halter.  Only 3500 were made.  Most are a rather flat grey, but this pretty girl is a light variation with beautiful shading.

This mare is Near Mint, with a tiny black mark and a group of faint grey hairline marks on her right barrel.  You have to look closely to see them, so she displays well.  She shows mild yellowing, but if you let her sunbathe for a couple of days, she should brighten right up.  She features tiny, shaded dapples and a neatly painted halter with metallic gold hardware.  She even comes with her original COA, designating her #639 of 3500.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #700897

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