Shagya Arabian ~ Studebaker - Breyerfest 2023

Shagya Arabian ~ Studebaker - Breyerfest 2023


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Studebaker is a palomino pinto part-Arabian on the Shagya Arabian mold.  She wears four stockings and a narrow stripe.  She was only available online to ticket holders during Breyerfest 2023.  Only 2500 were made.

This lovely lady is Factory Mint but with paint flaws:  She has a little rough area in the finish on her right shoulder and a place on her left barrel that was either lightly painted or that pinpoint bits of paint lifted off from… I'm guessing she was bagged before she had fully dried.  She features a beautiful golden undercoat that gives her a realistic sheen in her colored areas and really pretty face shading.  She even comes with her labeled paper shipping bag from the event.  She stands well, but this mold is notoriously tippy, so for her safety, we'd recommend Museum Putty or a Horse Safety Rack to keep her safely upright. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711630

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