Stablemates Horse Crazy Surprise Bags Series 4 - Single Bag

Stablemates Horse Crazy Surprise Bags Series 4 - Single Bag


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 This series was specially designed for sale at Walmarts in French-speaking areas, so they're hard to find and the packaging is bilingual.  If you missed out getting some of these before (they were discontinued in early 2020), or if you enjoy unusual packaging, grab these while they last.  We got them as a special buy from Breyer!

Each model is sold separately in its unopened blind bag, and even we won't know which one you're getting!  (We will not feel around to try to pick one for you, sorry!  They're blind bags to be a surprise.)

Included in this series of mystery models are six different Stablemate models and one rare chase piece:

  • Bay Hanoverian
  • chestnut/Red Dun Endurance Arabian
  • Bay Roan Vaulting Drafter
  • Buckskin Warmblood
  • Grey Leopard Appaloosa Reiner
  • Chase: ???

First image shows display of blind bags - Each blind bag is sold separately here.

If you'd like a full box of 12 models, find them here.


Size:  Stablemates

Breyer Model #880063

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