Susecion ~ Baby's First Steps - QVC SR

Susecion ~ Baby's First Steps - QVC SR


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This girl was part of a set was only sold through QVC at the holidays in 2002. Called Baby's First Steps, it showed a loving palomino mare guiding her newborn as he takes in the world from his new vantage point on all four feet.  The mare is a rich golden palomino with three socks and a large snip.  She is extremely hard to find these days.

The mare is in Excellent condition, because she was not stored properly and is in need of a good cleaning.  She's been washed down and thoroughly dried, but shows some tiny yellow "mold speckling," mainly in the loop of her tail.  Beyond that, she has just one tiny rub on her right shoulder and slight yellowing.  I think with a good cleaning and a few days in the sun, she'll improve greatly.  She even comes with her original (generic QVC Breyer) hang tag. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #504002

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