Tiny Mite Arabian, Sorrel - VARIATION: Red Roan!

Tiny Mite Arabian, Sorrel - VARIATION: Red Roan!


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This little guy is a release that is generally orange chestnut with a flaxen mane and socks, released by Durant (Hartland) in 1970-1973.

Instead of the usual solid-colored paint, though, this fellow has red roan speckling, making him cute as a button!   What a gorgeous variation!  He is in Excellent condition with tiny rubs on his left barrel, left hip, and pinpoint ones on his right barrel, hip and stifle.  He features a pretty, speckled roan coat with flaxen mane, tail, and lower legs, and a shaded face.  We don't know whether he is an oddity or a test piece, but I wish they'd produced them in this color... We've never seen another.


Size:  Tiny Mite (approx 1:32 scale)

Model:  Mold #60 (releases were not individually numbered)

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