Western Horse Knockoff, Black - Cereal Company Mail-In Prize

Western Horse Knockoff, Black - Cereal Company Mail-In Prize


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This neat, vintage guy is a knockoff of the Breyer Western Horse made by an unknown company.  He is made of a lighter-weight plastic than Breyer, similar to newer Hartlands, and is slightly taller than Breyer's Western Horse (see final photo).  I have received information from a collector who has his twin brother that this model was a cereal company mail-in prize in the mid 1950s.  This was during the time when Western movies, tv shows, and decor were popular, so it's no surprise some breakfast food company cashed in on the trend by offering a horse prize if you saved and mailed in box tops from their cereal.  How many kids did that, and how many of these models have survived the 70 years since?  He's a really cool part of mid-Century American culture and history!

Excellent to Near Mint condition with no saddle or reins.  His gold paint has tarnished but is still recognizable.  He has the usual manufacturing traits for knockoffs - Unsanded seams, slightly off-center paint on his molded-on tack, overspray from his feet, uneven finish.  He's a neat old guy, though - He's from my own collection and was given to me in 1986, so I have no idea when he dates to.  He has no maker's mark.  His conchos sport tiny, raised stars. 

[Final photo showing him next to a Breyer Western Horse is for size comparison only.  White horse not included.]


Size:  Approx Traditional Size 1:9 scale

Model #unknown

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