Animal Shelter Fundraising Total - WOW!

We are privileged to work among such caring and wonderful collectors! 

Some of you may remember we started our charity account for Harvest Hills Animal Shelter partway through 2016, when a box of Breyer models was given to the shelter's thrift shop.  A kind tack shop owner had offered to try to sell them for HHAS, but health issues forced her to close her shop and she asked if we'd take them to try to sell.  Most of them sold within two weeks of us listing them, and one model even sold twice  (He was purchased as part of a set, then donated back and sold a second time)!

Since this went so well, and raised a couple hundred dollars for this great organization, we offered to make it an ongoing program.  The shelter serves animals from nineteen towns in our region, and their bylaws forbid them from soliciting for money, so they rely on a few annual events and the true charity of animal lovers to provide needed funds and supplies.  They are an amazing group of people, who have even built a "quiet room" in the building's basement, full of soft furniture, where dogs and cats that get stressed from being in the shelter can go for some quiet time to relax.  That's caring!

Triple Mountain Model Horses Helps Harvest Hills Animal Shelter

[Curious Minnow, happy to have a safe place to grow up and explore]


The program surprised everyone at the shelter and at Triple Mountain by raising over $900 in 2017.  Donated models started arriving from all over the US.  It was heart-warming, and more than once brought us to grateful tears as we unpacked shipments of models, some from people who have a connection with the shelter, but also many who will probably never visit Maine or see the shelter in person.  The generosity and love in the hearts of model horse lovers is truly incredible.

This year (in 2018), we were once again gratefully overwhelmed with the amazing generosity of several donors.  We received a Traditional scale resin, several Breyer snow globes and porcelains, and one customer has now sent at least six shipments of donation models by mail.  We can't say thank you enough to each and every donor. 

Donated models were purchased by collectors all over the world, and we appreciate every single one.  The final total at year-end of 2018 was an astounding $2304.93, making our program one of HHAS's largest fundraisers of the year!

Model Horses helping animals at Triple Mountain

[Grant taking a nap on a snuggly blanket at the shelter]


2019 has already seen purchases of donated models, so we're starting the year off great!  We also just heard from one of our amazing donors that another box of gorgeous models is being shipped to become donations for the shelter's account, so there will continue to be models available to help animals in need throughout the year.


How you can help:

the easiest way to be a part of this heartwarming project is to add a donated model to your order anytime.  Currently available models that benefit HHAS can be found here or on our homepage - Look for the adorable puppy who advertises them.

Model Horses helping animals at Triple Mountain

We also accept donated model horses of all brands and conditions, anytime.  Donations can be dropped off at our store or mailed to:

Triple Mountain
14 Nature's Way
Hiram, ME 04041
Attn:  HHAS Donations


If your mailing address is included on the shipping label, we will have HHAS send you a donation receipt for taxes, once your models have been processed here so we an estimate a value of your donation.


Again, thank you from all the people and animals at Harvest Hills, and from all of us at Triple Mountain!  Here's to a great 2019!

Triple Mountain Model Horses Helps Harvest Hills Animal Shelter

[Sweet senior dog Echo, hoping for a home but enjoying the love and care at Harvest Hills]

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