Collection: Animal Shelter Benefit Sales

Models in this category were donated to our chairtyl animal shelter account to be sold to provide support for the animals there. 

All profits from the sale of items in this category go to Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, which helps animals in need from 19 towns.  We - and the animals - thank you for your support!

(Photo is of Moxie, happily playing with a caretaker at Harvest Hills.)
Harvest Hills has found homes for over 18,000 loving animals since they opened, and their people really care for the animals that arrive there... They've even built a "quiet room" in the basement with soft furniture the dogs and cats can climb on, where they can bring animals that get anxious in the noisy shelter environment so they can have a break and enjoy some quiet time with shelter volunteers.  We love these guys and gals!

If you'd like to donate any models to support this deserving shelter, odor-free, mold-free models in an condition can be dropped off at the Triple Mountain store, or mailed to us at:

Triple Mountain Model Horses
Attn:  HHAS Donations
14 Natures Way
Hiram, ME 04041
Buy a horse - Save a puppy or kitty!

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