Top Easter Gifts for Unicorn Lovers 2023

If you're looking for something more wholesome than candy, we're here to help!  We've put a whole bunch of Easter basket-sized models on sale ( Click here to go to the Easter Sale collection ) and have listed a few of our top picks here!

We've organized them so that even if you've never bought model animals before, it will be easy to find ones you'll enjoy giving on Easter.  Note about pricing:  Shipping and tax (if applicable) are not included.

 Big Gifts:


Breyer Cascade & Caspian Unicorns for Easter at Triple Mountain

Cascade & Caspian wear coats of metallic blue and pearly white.  They're a perfect Easter gift for any unicorn collector.  Breyer Traditional scale models (adults average 10-11" high)  If you're looking for a big gift for a unicorn lover over age 8, Breyer Traditionals always impress!  If well cared-for, they may even increase in value over time.


Add some sparkle to their holiday!

Rainbow Unicorn Earrings for Horse Lovers at Triple Mountain


Unicorn Locket at Triple Mountain

We have a range of styles and materials, from fashion jewelry for young folks, to fine pewter and silver for adults.


 Basket Goodies:


Classic Breyer (1:12 scale, adults around 7" tall)

Classic models (around $15- $20) are a great centerpiece for your Easter display or basket.  Colorful unicorns are always a winner at Easter time, so here are our favorites in this size:


Breyer Rainbow Unicorn for Easter

This magical unicorn sports a pearly purple coat with a rainbow mane and tail that are accented with glitter.  She even comes with a little sheet of unicorn stickers!


Keep The Peace:

Breyer Keep The Peace Tie-Dye Unicorn for Easter at Triple Mountain

This beautiful unicorn is painted tie-dye style in warm pastel colors with a Peace sign brand on his hip.  A great message any time of year and a unicorn anyone would love to own.



Breyer Neapolitan for Easter at Triple Mountain

Maybe your unicorn lover also loves horses - No worries, we've got you covered with this ice cream-themed decorator model!  Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, with whipped cream and sprinkles for the win!  Photos don't show it well, but her "sprinkles" are glittery confetti that sparkle in the light, brightening up any day, but especially Easter!  New for 2023!


Stablemates Breyer (1:32 scale, adults average around 2" tall)

These little guys (individuals around $4, sets priced comparatively) are perfect for making a big impression.  For the same price as one Classic sized model, you can get several Stablemates to sprinkle around a basket, create an Easter Pony Hunt, or place with table settings.  Here are our favorites for Easter:

Sparkling Splendor Deluxe Unicorn Collection:

Breyer Unicorn Stablemates for Easter at Triple Mountain

These vibrantly colored unicorns come in a set of six adults and two foals, perfect either as a "big gift" or to share among more than one person. New for 2023!


Mystery Foal Families:

Breyer Unicorn Mystery Foal Families for Easter at Triple Mountain


Breyer Unicorn Mystery Foal Families for Easter at Triple Mountain


Breyer Unicorn Mystery Foal Families for Easter at Triple Mountain

A huge favorite of young horse and unicorn lovers, each of these sets comes with two adult unicorns... but wait, what's that inside the castle?  It's a mystery foal!  Discover what color the foal is when you open the package!  Realistic horse versions are also available.  Sale price: $8.46 each


Unicorn (and Horse) Suncatcher Paint n Play Models:

Breyer Paint Your Unicorn Suncatcher for Easter at Triple Mountain

Now: $4.67 for singles, more for sets.

A model and an art project!  Each Paint n Play model comes with a paintbrush and three paint pots so your unicorn lover can create a one-of-a-kind model.  The special paints are translucent, so you can stand the model in a sunny window and the sun will shine through her, just like a suncatcher!  These make inexpensive and fun gifts, and are available in several styles.


Schleich and CollectA (approximately 4 - 5" tall)

Both brands (average around $8-$18 for an adult unicorn, play sets priced accordingly) are favorites with young collectors and their parents.  They are made for rugged play, with a slightly bendable plastic that makes them more durable for galloping around the wild plains of the kitchen table or leaping to the floor.  CollectA is best known for realistic sculpts that mimic each horse's breed, making them popular with kids who love to learn about different horses.  They even include some rare breeds, sure to spark their quest for learning.  Schleich's horses are more generic, but very popular, and their play sets are the best of any brand we've seen, with lots of accessories to keep play going for many hours.  Here are our favorites for Easter:


Limited Edition Unicorn Foals

Schleich Ltd Ed Unicorn Foals for Easter at Triple MountainSchleich Ltd Ed Unicorn Foals for Easter at Triple Mountain

Now: $5.06 for singles,$33.96 for full set of 7.

This cute series of colorful unicorns foals is themed "sweet treats."  Each wears a brand depicting a yummy treat, from Mint Chocoloate to Birthday Cake to Blueberry Cupcake.  They were only a six-month run, making them a hard-to-find treat, indeed.  Each comes in a sealed pouch. 


Schleich also has lots of other perfect Easter items that aren't unicorns, like their Fairy on Winged Lion and the Rainbow Dragon:

 Schleich Fairy on Winged Lion for Easter at Triple Mountain

 Schleich Rainbow Dragon for Easter at Triple Mountain



Egg Size:


Mini Whinnies Breyer - (about .5 - 1" tall)

These tiny but fun little critters (priced around $2 - $3 each) are perfect for tucking into plastic eggs for a super fun hunt with less sugar but still plenty of sweetness!  They are also great for baskets and gifts between friends.  Just note their tiny size can make them a choking hazard for young children, so they're recommended for ages 5 and up.  For the price, you can grab handfuls of them to sprinkle throughout your special celebration!


Mini Whinnies Unicorns Blind Bags:

Breyer Mini Whinnies Unicorns at Triple MountainBreyer Mini Whinnies Unicorns for Easter at Triple Mountain

Lots of color and magic in a tiny package!  Each package contains one mystery unicorn and all are adorable!  We have two series available for nearly endless fun!


For Your Youngest Unicorn Lover:

Breyer Unicorn with Brushable Hair for Easter at Triple Mountain

Now: $19.51

Iris, the Styling Unicorn is made of flexible rubber for safety, and she's a big girl - Almost ten inches tall!  She comes with lots of fun accessories to braid, twist, and decorate her hair.  (Small parts are small, so she's recommended for ages 4+.)

We hope these ideas inspire you to make it a fun, horse-filled Easter!


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Happy Easter!


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