Who Needs Candy? Easter-Sized Horses and Unicorns for your Horse Lover

Sure, we all like candy, but model animals last a lot longer and are way more fun!  Hop into a happy Easter with model horses, unicorns and other animals!

Size notes: 

Breyer Classics - Most boxes are around 11" long by 9" tall, perfect as the centerpiece of an exciting basket
Breyer Stablemates - Box sizes vary, but individual models are around 2.5" tall.  Great for filling baskets with colorful animals that will bring lots of happiness
Breyer Mini Whinnies and Pocket Box animals - Tiny little guys, from 1/2" to 1.25" tall, great in baskets and can even fit inside plastic eggs.  Not suitable for children who may put things in their mouths (choking hazard).
Schleich and CollectA- These brands feature horses generally sized around 4-5" tall, though they can vary (see item descriptions for sizes).  They are slightly bendable, so they hold up to play really well, and colorful play sets come with lots of accessories.  (Play sets may contain small parts - choking hazard)


If you're looking for a substitute for candy, our blind bags are perfect - They won't know which they've got until they open them, making it even more fun!  They won't even MISS the candy. 


Nearly everything in this collection is under $20, with many items below $5!

Happy Easter!