Upcoming Model Horse Shows in the Northeast and Etiquette Tips

Hi everyone,

We've been made aware of two NAMHSA shows in the Northeast, so if you're in the region and interested in showing or just seeing what it's all about, here are two great opportunities!

Show holders and exhibitors are horse lovers, and welcome other horse lovers at shows.  Come meet others who are as passionate about horses as you are, learn about model showing, and buy some models or tack and props while you're there!

 Scene from Pocono Ponies Live Show



The Maine Event

Triple Mountain will be in attendance, selling Breyer and Copperfox models!

Where – Thompson Community Center, 51 South Union Rd., Union, ME

When – Sunday, May 27, 2018, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (or whenever we finish)

This is the first model show to be held in Maine in years, so we're excited and hope there's enough support for more shows to start cropping up!  This is a schooling show, limited to ten participants, but everyone can be involved.  Class rules and judging will be explained, so that everyone can learn and have fun together.  Participants are also encouraged to judge classes themselves, and give ribbons to their chosen winners!  Triple Mountain will be there with our mobile store from approximately 11am to 2pm.

Info and map at: https://triplemountain.com/pages/the-maine-event-model-horse-show-2018


Pocono Ponies Live

Where - Aquashicola Fire Hall, 270 Little Gap Road, Palmerton, PA 18071

When - Saturday, May 5th

This is Pocono Ponies' fifth year, and exhibitor spots have already sold out, but it's a great show to visit!  There will be folks selling models, and probably tack and props, plus you'll get to meet plenty of other horse lovers.This is a Breyer Benefit show, so someone will win a Breyer Vulcan (SR Running Stallion) model, and proceeds from the show benefit Our Mims Retirement Home (for racehorses and broodmares). 

Info:  https://poconoponieslive.weebly.com/



Have fun, everyone!  Please remember to observe these etiquette rules so that visitors will continue to be welcome at shows:

1) Don't touch.  Don't touch models or tables that models are on.  Some models are tippy, and very expensive!  Even a slight scratch can reduce a model's value by quite a bit, and owners are always nervous when their models are out in public.  Respect them by keeping a cautious distance to avoid accidents. 

2) Keep kids in check.  See Rule #1, and insure that everyone in your group is respectful and keeps a safe distance from models and tables.

3) Keep an eye on the judge.  Judges usually don't mind people looking at models in the show ring.  That's half the fun anyway!  However, when they start judging a class, which is usually indicated by them standing near the table with a clipboard, looking at models and making notes, stay out of their way.  They're on a tight time schedule and need to keep the show moving, plus they need to focus on the details to judge well.  Let them do their part and you can visit the ring before and after each class.

4) DO ask questions when you're curious!  We're all here because we love horses, and model horses, and we all started by asking questions.  As long as an exhibitor isn't in the middle of tacking up a model, or running back and forth to the ring to get horses into their class, they're usually happy to answer questions and talk horses.  Some may have items to sell, as well.

Showing is a wholesome hobby that teaches attention to detail, research (if you have something unusual, you may be asked to provide documentation that it exists in the real horse world), camaraderie, artistic skills, and so much more.  Whether you're a collector, painter, woodworker, tack maker, or a wheeler-dealer, there's a niche for you in the model horse world, and you can often find it by attending a show or three!

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