The Maine Event Model Horse Show 2018

The Maine Event

When – Sunday, May 27, 2018, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (or whenever we finish)
Where – Thompson Community Center, 51 South Union Rd., Union, ME
What – A Collectibility schooling show limited to vintage OFP, OFC & Clanky (metal) models.
Why – To get together, learn and have fun!
Who – Showholder is Linda Dean 1-207-785-4866
Send entry form with fee to me at 188 Coggins Hill Rd., Union, ME 04862


The TCC is located near the junction of Rt. 17 and Rt 131 (south from 17) in Union. It consists of two large connected buildings, one brick and one with yellow siding. We have a room in the brick section and entrance will be off 131 – there is a U-shaped driveway in front of the building where we can unload, then there is a parking lot off to the left near the tennis court.

Entrants are limited to 10 – the showholder plans to show which leaves 9 entries open. First come, first serve.

Fee will be $20 to cover the rental of the hall. There are plenty of large 8 ft tables so everyone should be able to have their own.

Tags – You will need to provide your own leg tags. This show is a participant in the Region 10 tag system. To get your own exhibitor number and learn about the Tag Manager, please go to . You will need to turn in your list of horses and their numbers prior to the start of the show. All first and second place models will receive RX Collectibility cards.

Limits – Only OFP and OFC models made before 1990. Clankies, limited to models made in the '50's – '70s. Sorry, no OF resins allowed.

Class limits – limited to two models per shower, per class.

Judges – all entrants are encouraged to judge all classes, including division champs and reserve champs. Please bring your own awards for the champ classes (as the RX website says, be creative!) as well as markers for 1st through 4th in the individual classes – I have some paper ribbons but may not have enough for all judges. I also have a few clipboards but to be sure there are enough for everybody if you have one please bring it along.

Door prizes will be offered – donations welcome!

Depending on how timing goes, we might break ½ hour for lunch. There is a nice sub/pizza place in town not far from the hall – we could order a couple of large pizzas to share or everyone can order what they'd like. Hopefully we will have a delivery person available to pick up for us. I'll scan a copy of their menu to add to the show packet.

Eleda from Triple Mountain Model Horses plans to attend and will bring some goodies to tempt us all (maybe some Copperfox?!?).   If you'd like to order something from her retired model selection and have her deliver it to the show,
Eleda says here's how to do it - Feel free to order from our retired model selection ahead of time (by Friday at the latest) and choose in-store pick-up so you don't pay for shipping. Then drop us an email saying you'll meet us at the show and we'll hand-deliver your models to you there! Visit her website at to see the retired models and also check out her current stock, which includes the latest Copperfox offerings.

Motels/hotels in Rockland/Camden area (about 20 minutes southeast of Union, towards the coast) -
Hampton Inn & Suites – 190 New County Rd, Thomaston 1-207-594-6644
Claddagh Motel & Suites – 1044 Commercial St., Rockport 1-207-594-8479
Cedar Crest Inn – 115 Elm St., Camden 1-207-236-4839
Moody's Motel – 1907 Atlantic Hgwy, Waldoboro 1-207-832-5362
Schooner Bay Motor Inn – Rt 1, Rockport 1-207-236-2205
Strawberry Hill Motor Inn – 886 Commercial St., Rockport 1-207-594-5462
Trade Winds Motor Inn – 2 Park Dr., Rockland 1-207-594-2123

Directions – from South; I95 to ME 295 via exit 44; take US 201, exit 49, toward Gardiner, then ME 126 to ME 218 to ME 17 E.
Once on Rt 17 you will travel approximately 25 miles and will see the Union town line (small green sign, then bigger blue sign on the right), then go about 3 miles where you will pass two tractor dealers on the left; continue for 1.2 miles through four-corner intersection with blinking yellow light to the junction of Rt 131 S (.6 m), turn right onto 131 and you will see the Thompson Community Center, consisting of two buildings, one brick and one yellow, on the right.

You will pass the Common Rd on the right and then turn into the TCC, U-shaped driveway on the right. We will unload in front of the doors and then move to the parking lot by the tennis court.

From north – drive to Augusta, follow Rt 17 E as above.

From south/east (Rockland, Camden) – Rt 17 W towards Augusta; in about 14 miles pass the Union True Value on
the right, then .7 m to the junction of Rt 131, then as above.


Union is only a few minutes from Rockland on the Maine coast, so there's plenty for non-showers to do, or make it a special weekend for the whole family!

Entry Form


Region X #_________________

Phone #___________________
Entry fee enclosed which includes all divisions $20________

Send check or money order to Linda Dean, 188 Coggins Hill Rd., Union, ME 04862. I will send an email confirmation upon receipt.



The Maine Event classlist 2018

OFChina – models made before 1990.  Judged on collectibility. Limit 2 per shower

1.UK – RW/Beswick/Royal Doulton, etc.
2.Non-UK Euro – Royal Copenhagen/Goebel/Rosenthal/Hutschreuther, etc.
3.HR – DW
4.HR – Mini
6.Other Country – Freeman-McFarlin, etc.
7.Champ/Reserve – all first place horses from the above classes

OFPlastic – models made before 1990. Judged on collectibility. Limit 2 per shower

Realistic Colors

10.Dilutes – palomino/buckskin/dun
11.Grey – dark dapple/resist
12.Alabaster/white/fleabit grey
15.Other realistic
16.Champ/Reserve – all first place horses from the above classes

Unrealistic Colors

18.Grey Appaloosa
19.Blue – solid or dapple
20.Gold – solid or dapple
21.Red roan
25.Other unrealistic
26.Champ/Reserve – all first place horses from the above classes

CLANKIES (metal) – the following classes may be canceled if we run out of time. Limit 2 per shower

27.Large – approximately classic to traditional size
28.Medium – approximately curio/paddock pal size
29.Small – SM size and smaller

MASCOTS: models other than equine; any material, plastic, glass, china, metal, wooden, etc; limit 2 per shower.

Models do not receive RX cards but special awards are encouraged!


Please direct all questions regarding The Maine Event to Linda at:  or 1-207-785-4866