Arabian Stallion ~ Bitsy Breyer and Arabian Stallion Beach Set, Grey

Arabian Stallion ~ Bitsy Breyer and Arabian Stallion Beach Set, Grey


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One of Breyer's first sets in Little Bits size, this fun set was only available from 1983-1985... coincidentally around the time "The Black Stallion" movie was at the peak of its popularity.  The set was available with any of the three colors of Arabian stallion being made at the time: bay, chestnut, or grey.  This is the version with the grey stallion, who wears a black mane and tail and no white markings.  Bitsy wears a molded-on t-shirt with a horse head motif and matching red shorts.  The set comes with a surf board and bridle for the horse, whom she rides bareback.

These sets are nearly impossible to find these days, let alone in their original box!

Horse is in Excellent condition with one tiny rub on his left neck, an even tinier one over his left eye and another on the bridge of his nose.  These were quickly produced, so he has some unsanded seams and factory plastic goobers on seams, all part of the process for that era. 

His rider is in Excellent to Near Mint condition, in need of a bath.  She is missing a tiny bit of paint from her shorts on the back.  Her hair was still factory tied, never played with, but as always, the elastic band has disintegrated.  I actually removed and discarded it during inspection so that it wouldn't stick to her hair and cause damage.  Surf board is Factory Mint.  There is no saddle, bridle or comb with this set. 

Box is in Very Good condition, with a couple of tears in the cardboard on the front, some wear and discoloration overall, and the top flap has been folded down a few times, resulting in it starting to separate from the box along the perforated seam at the top back.  Still, the plastic front panel allows for good display of the set and protects them well.


Size:  Little Bits / Paddock Pals

Breyer Model #1001

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