Arabian Mare, Fleabitten Grey with Bloody Shoulder Marking

Arabian Mare, Fleabitten Grey with Bloody Shoulder Marking


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WIA's Arabian Mare was sculpted by Horraw Studios.  She debuted in the fall of 2022 in two colors, a chestnut and this fleabitten grey with a bloody shoulder marking.  This pretty girl comes with a clear plastic support stand for extra protection while on display.

Chestnut patches on Arabians' shoulders are called "bloody shoulder marks," hearkening back to the legend of the Bloody-Shoulder Arabian, which seeks to explain why many fleabitten horses have dark areas on their shoulder areas.   Legend says that a strong, loyal mare gave birth after carrying her owner into battle, but during the return ride, the foal was unable to keep up and the mare's need to slow down for her foal endangered both horses and rider.  In desperation, her rider took a lance and speared the newborn through the shoulder to kill it and free up his mount to carry them swiftly to safety.  The next morning, safe at their encampment, the Bedouin was shocked to find the wounded day-old filly nursing with the mare.  The wound had miraculously healed and the foal had found her way to the camp on her own.  Seeing this as a message from Allah, the man vowed to take very special care of this filly, who was obviously a gift from God.  Now many Arabians carry this "bloody shoulder" marking as a reminder that they are gifts from God, with great strength, courage, and loyalty.


[Arabian with "bloody shoulder" marking, Photo source: Pinterest. Photo credit R. Reed]


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Size:  1:18 scale, similar in size to CollectA and Schleich

Model #EG-10003

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