Black Beauty ~ Riata Ranch Trick Riding Set

Black Beauty ~ Riata Ranch Trick Riding Set


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This beautiful frame overo pinto on the Black Beauty mold was only sold as part of the Riata Ranch Trick Riding Set from 2003-2004.

This fellow is Near Mint with just some dusty-looking areas that should clean up with a bath.  (I think he had display dust rinsed off before being sent to us, but wasn't wiped down, so it just re-stuck to him.)  No rubs or marks were seen.  He features body and muzzle pinking and comes with his original rider in her red, white and blue top, blue jeans, white boots and matching white hat with red ribbon, trick riding saddle in white leather with matching bridle, and red, pink, and grey saddle pad.  (Promo image shows blue bridle, but it was released with matching white bridle.)  Rider and all accessories are Factory Mint, likely bagged and tucked away right after purchase.  The bridle noseband has a tiny bit of the leather tanning material on it.  Like all on this mold, he requires a prop to stand securely.  We recommend Museum Putty or a Horse Safety Rack to keep him safely upright. 

[Wood saddle stand not included, but available separately here.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1219

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