Breyerfest 2021 VIP Sticker Sheet & Zippered Pouch

Breyerfest 2021 VIP Sticker Sheet & Zippered Pouch


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This very special sticker sheet was only available to VIP ticket holders of Breyerfest 2021.  Only 1000 were made.  It features Breyerfest models Gran Cavallo, Danash's Northern Tempest, Pollock, and Favrile, all on a heavy sheet that includes the Breyerfest VIP logo. Also included is the color-change fabric, zippered pouch from the VIP collection.  This cool holographic color-change pouch reflects pink, green, blue and purple.  It has a pink zipper on the back, making it perfect for holding SMs, art supplies, show documentation, etc.   These are sure to become even more sought-after collectibles as time passes.

Both are in Factory Mint condition, straight from the box. 

[Triple Mountain stock images used.]

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