Citation, Leopard Appaloosa - Sears SR

Citation, Leopard Appaloosa - Sears SR


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This unique Leopard Appy on the Citation mold was only available as part of a Sears Special Run set during the holidays of 1989.  His body color is not white, and it seems this is normal for the release.  The reference photo on IDYB also shows an off-white body color.  He wears chestnut splatter spots and a matching chestnut mane and tail.

He is in Excellent condition, with no rubs seen. He has a tiny grey dot on his right hip (just looks like part of his Appy spots when on normal display), and moderate yellowing. Sunbathe him for a couple of weeks to brighten him back up and he'll be lovely. He features grey shading on his legs and chestnut shading around his eyes.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #495600

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