Collector's Survival Kit - Stablemate Size

Collector's Survival Kit - Stablemate Size

Triple Mountain Model Horses

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Whether you're new to the hobby or a veteran collector, this kit has everything you need to keep your collection safe and healthy.  These also make superb gifts for collector friends and exciting event prizes!


This Stablemate-size kit is perfect for collectors of small models.  It includes:

  • Stablemate-scale Horse Safety Rack to keep even tippy horses safely upright
  • 25 string tags for show/inventory
  • Model Dusting Brush (small size) for keeping them clean
  • 4"x6" Notepad and pen for taking notes at shows or for inventory
  • Container of Dental Wax for adhering tack or keeping tippy guys upright
  • Triple Mountain LED light bar flashlight for inspection and dusting
  • Zippered pouch to keep all your tools safe


Ordered separately, the retail value of this kit is $30.65!

Zippered pouch holds all tools except assembled rack.  You can  disassemble rack to fit it into the pouch, but we'll leave it assembled for shipping.

Colors of pouch, pen, and notepad will vary, as will style of dusting brush (round, pointed, slanted, etc)

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